Processing fee credit reclaim tips + sample letter


So you can reclaim the improperly levied processing fee of your loan!

So you can reclaim your credit processing fee with 3 simple steps! What became of the loan processing fee? Banks and their processing fees for loans have been improperly levied! My dear friends in Germany. THE BANKS HAVE INCORRECTLY RAISED THE “WORKING FEE FOR CREDITS”.

There is reason to celebrate – better like New Year’s Eve and Christmas together. What happened? So, for all those of you who have made a loan in Germany in the last 10 years. The business with the lending has changed! This has an immediate impact on new instant loans – and yes, especially if you want to borrow money fast today! I think the IMPOSSIBLE became POSSIBLE.

You can not believe it, but it is fact. The JUSTICE has decided that the processing charges for personal loans levied by banks have been incorrectly. So from now on, you can still borrow money today without paying any processing fees!

Even a small loan for the self-employed may be affected. I advise anyone who has a loan immediately to call his lender and make use of your right! 



These are documents that you can happily hang as pictures on the wall.

  • Processing fee credit
  • Credit processing fee
  • Reclaim the processing fee
  • BGH verdict processing fee

And because it’s so nice, you can also download the documents directly from the Federal Court of Justice yourself:

Small info in between:
Even when borrowing money from private individuals, it can happen that in addition to the interest processing fees can be charged. Also in this case you should check if these additional costs are also legitimate. If you are currently in the process of rescheduling or you are interested in lending money to you immediately, please read my article “Borrowing Money Now”!

Credit processing fee

Credit processing fee

So, to make it short, here are some bullet points.

The BGM has judged this with October this year. And that’s it. Boom. So, if you have also completed a personal loan in the last 10 years. These include: an installment loan, car loan, real estate loans, money to borrow immediately, – then you can now go back to your dear bank and get your money back. 

What reason did the judiciary specify? So that’s actually what I’ve preached for over 20 years. It is simply inadmissible. Why ? Because the processing fee goes out of the bank and yes want to check whether your creditworthiness is given or not! Why should you pay for it?

Reclaim the processing fee – that’s how it’s done!

Reclaim the processing fee - that

There will be such a great Christmas, if you get your bonus from the bank.

Simple, right?  One question that I have not been able to clarify so far is what happens with the processing fees for loans brokered by agents, brokers, and financial services providers.

Because even these placement fees have fallen very often under the general “processing fee credit”. This is sure to be an exciting and exciting story

It is clear that every financial shark or loan shark called, each financial service provider and intermediary has already paid his commission. However, this money does not seem to concern the judgment of the BGH.

Although almost everyone knows that the processing fees are often half paid to the bank and half to the intermediary.

Refund of processing fee

Refund of processing fee

So if you have a loan, then you should always claim the entire processing fee incurred on conclusion of the contract. This certainly does not include forms of financing in which life insurance contracts were also included.

But even here it will be exciting. How will it continue with the insurance companies? Because even with life insurance there are so-called processing fees which are passed on to the consumer.

Well, maybe this topic will be taken up in the near future. As soon as I have news on this topic, I will let you know.

One more thing that affects the friend borrow money contract! If you have lent money to friends, then that is another matter and has nothing to do with business loan brokerage!

So you can reclaim your processing fee!

So you can reclaim your processing fee!

So, and now what? After you’ve “popped” the corks, it’s time to retrieve your money. How do you do it the easiest and fastest? I have written you here a brief guide together. Just to be sure the bank is not teeming with your refund. 

IN 3 STEPS MONEY BACK – That’s the way it works


Step 1:
You know how it is. If you call only at your bank, not much will happen. Therefore, you should REQUEST THE REFUND OF YOUR UNRECHTEN money money SCHRIFTLCH request.

I advise and recommend doing this in duplicate. So, you should send an email to your bank adviser, but also write a classic letter. If you send the letter by post, then you are sure that this is also “registered”.

If you want to play it safe, I would take the letter personally to the bank. Then let the letter “absegenen” with an entrance stamp from the bank. If this is done, keep a copy, but be sure you have the stamp on it, which confirms that the letter has also reached the bank. Boom. I advise you to do that to make absolutely sure that the bank can not get rid of you! So that’s when you have taken out a bank loan!

Step 2:
Here you can download the letter and the instructions.

And so that all goes well, look there. I already have a fine letter for you, you can read that in the raw text format below. Do not forget. If you want to have this letter as a finished print template, you can download it as a doc file or as a pdf file here and there.

Step 3:
If the bank breaks down the you send any refusal, then I would advise you as the next consumer center.

The Chamber of Labor should also be able to help you in this way. It is not an isolated case, but a massenfall.

It should not be necessary to consult a lawyer. Nevertheless, should the bank go wrong then I would go for all cases here on the whole and if absolutely necessary to hire a lawyer to get your money back!

Sample letter

Sample letter

Letter template for the refund of the processing fee:

Dear Sir or Madam, I have concluded a loan agreement with you on a loan amount of Euro. For the loan processing I had to pay without legal reason a processing fee in the amount of xxxxxxx euro. In consideration for granting the loan, you can only claim interest that you must use to cover all costs incurred. The calculation of an additional loan processing fee in addition to the interest is inadmissible, as you thus costs for processing costs and credit check on me as a customer in an inadmissible way.You have not charged these costs for an additional service for me, but only for the effort you have made in your own interest.

Do not forget the usage substitute:

Do not forget the usage substitute:

And something else. In addition, you also have the right to so-called usage replacement. What does this mean? Well, very clearly. Imagine the bank would not have taken your money unforest, then you would have been able to make interest with this money.

Right. And because it was still somewhat unclear about the amount of this interest rate, the BGH and the parties declared 4% as indisputable. It could also be possible that you get 5%, but 4% are clear on which you can invoke.

Since it is an interest calculation, do not forget. This can be on good Austrian “doggy”. So if you want to play it safe then you can use this interest calculator.

NOTE: Should you shortly want to conclude a new credit agreement, then I advise you to inform the banker immediately that no processing fees can be charged. You know, the banks are always out to make quick money with you!